Node.js for begginers – installation

To download Node.js go to and install proper version.

After package installation you must create directory on disk to store your project and init it.
Open console, browse to created folder and then type:
#npm init
Hit [Enter] if you accept default values or enter your own data.
This will create package.json file.

If you want to install additional package then you can use command
#npm install --save packagename
–save – this option will add to your project depended library

If you use
#npm install -g packagename
This will install package to global directory instead of single project.

First install nodemon.
#npm install -g nodemon
This tool is very useful because monitors changing file changes and you do not need to restart serer every time.

Then install express module
#npm install --save express

To use EJS template engine install
#npm install --save ejs

If you will be dealing with forms, then you need to install body-parser module
#npm install --save body-parser

If you want to validate form input then install express-validator module
#npm install --save express-validator

If you want more information then watch this tutorial: